Lundy Island

Lundy Island

Lundy Island

Home to friendly puffins, seals and just a handful of lucky residents, Lundy Island is a remote island off the coast of North Devon.

Look out from the grounds at Duckhaven Stud and you'll see Lundy, basking in the sunshine. Undisturbed by cars and the hustle and bustle of modern life, Lundy Island offers a unique opportunity to escape. There are just two ways of getting to the island. One is a spectacular cruise on Lundy's own ship, the MS Oldenburg. Complete with a bar, buffet and shop, you can travel in style to this magnificent island. For a truly unforgettable journey, why not take a helicopter ride? Lomas Helicopters offer trips to the island and are based next door to us at Westward Living. 

Lundy is just three and a half miles long and half a mile wide, so keen walkers can roam the entire island in a day. Look out over the island's dramatic cliffs and spot some of its resident wildlife. Kids will love looking out for the colourful puffins and seals. For adults, there's a beautiful  old pub, the Marisco Tavern. Take the opportunity to enjoy a pint in one of the most remote pubs in the UK.

A trip to Lundy Island is all about being in touch with nature. Its green fields are home to ponies, deer and many rare birds, so keep an eye out as you wander around! There are short walks and longer routes, depending on how far you'd like to go, and many idyllic spots to enjoy a picnic. For couples, Lundy is the place to go to enjoy some peace and quiet. At night, there are no street lights to ruin the view of twinkling stars and moonlight.

For outdoorsy people, the island offers diving and snorkelling excursions to get up close with the seals! The water is wonderfully clear, so you can get a real sense of underwater life at Lundy. If you're not eager to jump into the water but love the idea of getting outdoors, pick up your camera and get snapping! Lundy's rugged landscape and wildlife make the perfect subjects for beautiful photographs.

If you decide to travel on the MS Oldenburg, the ship departs from Bideford and takes around two hours each way. To check the ship's departure time from Lundy, take a look at the Marisco Tavern's notice board. The journey to Lundy is spectacular. Look out for playful pods of dolphins following the ship!

We love watching Lundy from our farm here at Duckhaven Stud. The stunning photo above of Lundy at sunset was taken in the grounds in front of Ocean Kave and taken by Winston Nugara. If you'd like any more information about visiting Lundy, we have plenty of guides and leaflets.

After spending the day marvelling at Lundy's serene landscape, enjoy the comfort of your luxury North Devon holiday cottage here at Westward Living. Even when you're back, you can still enjoy looking over at Lundy anytime you like.

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