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Linda and Mike Bentley
You have really thought of everything. The wet room was great and we are very grateful for all the little touches. Mike and I loved the trip in the buggy to see the sunset - can't wait till next time!

Gull Lovers Travels

Published: 7 July, 2017

Steven is here to help … Are you planning a day out to one of North Devon’s fantastic attractions, a trip to the beach or a visit to one of the amazing local eateries (Steven’s favorite is the Beach Bar Diner)?

Steven has years and years of local knowledge and knows all the best places to go, to find out Steven’s recommendations for your day out find him on his perch in the office, he’s always happy to help.

What Steven loves more than giving out advice is to join you on your day out and show you his favorite places. He also loves his photo been taken and would love to show off to everyone here in the office… so return Steven at the end of your day and upload a photo to Facebook www.facebook.com/Westwardliving/

or email them to [email protected]

And we can then enter you into Steven’s lucky golden egg competition!

(1st prize 30% off your next holiday with us)


GET PLANNING THOSE DAY OUTS!!!! And remember to pop in the office to see Rich and check out Steven’s availability.